One of the most deadly martial artists and the most perverted character in the Ranma universe. This is a AMV I made for fun using the anime Ranma ½ and the song Tush By ZZ Top I just thought the song was. Another AMV about Ranma 1/2 Happosai is my fauvorite character!

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Raramente uno dei due vince in maniera definitiva: Details Featured Pictures Clubs. In truth he knocked out the latter with a large mallet and stole it. Happosai can be broken down to "eight treasures together," possibly a joke about his panty collection. Doch auch gegen Nylonstrumpf-Taro hat Happosai schon verloren. Anything Goes Martial Arts Happosai. Happosai sagt selbst von sich, dass er böse sei und dies auch immer bleiben werde. Essentially, although he could theoretically possibly match all the other most formidable characters in the series ganging up on him if he actually used his combination of abilities to their fullest potential, virtually anybody can take him out by showing some attractive female cleavage and then bash him with a massive mallet. When he was 18 years old, Happosai made advances towards the young Cologne, who seemed about the same age, but she rejected the angered dwarf by unleashing the Hiryu Shoten Ha. So gab er sich zwar beim Unterwäschstehlen als Weihnachtsmann aus, um die Kinder nicht zu entäuschen, betrank sich aber und benahm sich völlig daneben. happosai

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Ranma 1/2 Character Profile: Happosai Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. You need points to live edit the changes you commited. Nylonstrumpf-Taro Happosai hat auch gute Seiten - zumindest im Anime, wo er einer Lehrerin zuliebe seine Laster ablegen wollte. Anything Goes Martial Arts Happosai. In altri progetti Wikiquote. Sign In Don't have an account? The reasons for this animosity against him are:. Der jungen Hinako Ninomiya brachte er ihre Kampftechniken bei. Vedi le condizioni d'uso per i dettagli. While the latter was passed out drunk from the sake that they brought to him, Soun and Genma trapped Happosai inside a box with lit dynamite, threw it into a cave, rolled a boulder over the entrance, and sealed it with fastened ofuda spirit wards. Hit the 'Edit This Wiki Page' button up above to add a description to this wiki page! Also machten sie ihn betrunken eine weitere Schwäche! This includes surviving being blown up with a 5m diameter version of his own bombs. He goes through severe withdrawal at one point, becoming very weak and crawling along the ground, repeatedly muttering "pretty ladies. Please make changes to the wiki! Soun later honestly evaluated that Taro's monster form which in turn is more than a match for Ranma, and comparable to Herb would need an army of twins to match Happosai in an honest unrestricted confrontation. In reality, Happosai was simply an ugly, diminutive, and unpopular thief. Er sex and death 101 seine ehemaligen Schüler Soun und Genma gezwungen, ihn bei https://www.welt.de/gesundheit Tendos wohnen zu lassen. But while his revenge schemes are usually comically silly, he has been unhesitant girlfriend loves black cock cripple Ranma for pussy babes by permanently taking away his strength and then informing all his enemies. No changes were submitted, nothing was done!